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Faithful Place

Created: Wednesday, 04 June 2014 Written by Super User

Faithful Place by Tana French. "How had I not heard of Tana French before last summer? In this, her third novel, an undercover Dublin cop is called back to his old neighborhood by his sister. He’s avoided the place since his girlfriend disappeared twenty-two years earlier, just before they were about to elope. Her suitcase has been found in an abandoned house, turning all his old assumptions upside down. He investigates (failing to mention to his higher-ups his personal involvement in the case). It’s a dark, compelling page-turner. French is a master of story and character and an exquisite writer. (NB: If you like Faithful Place, do not be tempted to think her earlier works must be even better. Unlike some writers who get lazy after one success, French’s work has only improved. It’s best to move on to the sequel, Broken Harbor)."