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I was desperate.  I love to read on the beach, but as I was about to depart on vacation in 2005, I realized I had neither a book to read nor any time to research titles. 

I shot off an email to some friends and asked for suggestions. They sent back such thoughtful ideas, I organized them in one document and recirculated to the group.  The "Books for the Beach List" was born.  With urging and contributions of clever friends, I managed to overcome my (rather famous) disorganization and made it an annual effort. 

Though the heart of the effort didn't change much, I did finally take advantage of technology.  I moved to a blog in 2007.  I became an Amazon Associate (please use those links!).  And I added many more contributors.  (By necessity - we all kept reading books from the previous years' lists, so without new blood, I had no new books!)  And in 2014, we moved to these new digs.  

All that said, I still don't edit down - I include everything contributors send and anonymize reviews.  I'm not a literary critic.  I'm a book "rounder-upper."   

My friends have kept me in good books for more than a decade.  I hope they help you find something to read, too.

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!