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  • Shockaholic

    Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher. "The photo captions are enough reason to read this book.  Brilliant.  Some may love Nora Ephron, but I think Carrie has her beat with this one". Shockaholic tells the story of Carrie Fisher's upbringing as the daughter of Hollywood royalty. Filled with outrageous tales of celebrity gossip, Carrie Fisher gives readers an intimate look at the realities of Hollywood.

  • Still Point of the Turning World

    The Still Point of the Turning World by Emily Rapp.  “The heart wrenching story of a mother with a child diagnosed with the fatal Tay Sachs Disease. Sad and profoundly human.”

  • Warmth of Other Suns

    The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. “Epic.  Moving.  A compelling story and important read for everyone to read and understand this critical piece in American history.”

  • Yes, Please

    Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. “No review or explanation will do it justice.  Read this book.  Read it now.  It puts Bossypants to shame.  Even better is the audio version, because Amy reads it and is the awesomest of all things that are awesome.”  "We listened to this on a long car ride and were in hysterics. Maybe not a good idea if there are pre-teens or youngsters in the car.  If there are teenagers (as we had) just be ready to fast forward in places. She's so funny."

  • Zen Golf

    Zen Golf by Joseph Parent. “For the golf enthusiast.”