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Norwegian By Night by Derek B. Miller.  Evidently this novel has been a big hit in Europe. "I found it a little slow at first, and then I was taken on a great ride.  It is a well written novel that has many aspects to it.  It is hard to put it in one category. It is a thriller.  There is a historical piece, that I really enjoyed.   There is plenty of humor, and yet, it is very touching.  It has been awhile since I read a book that I didn’t want to put down, and didn’t want to end.  All the members of my book group thoroughly enjoyed it." "The protagonist Sheldon Horowitz, is a wise 82-year-old who carries the weight of many losses - his wife, his son (Vietnam), his friends. Then a woman upstairs is murdered in while he is hiding in the closet with the woman's young boy. Afraid the killer and his gang will return for the boy, Sheldon runs off with him, and an adventure ensues, with Sheldon's many memories woven through.  Sheldon's wonderful character emerges throughout the novel. It's just magnificent."