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Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.  Also Hamilton The Revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda. "Listen to the Hamilton soundtrack 5-6 times.  Then read this book.  Then see the show.  Then find a 12-step program because you will get hooked." ā€œIā€™m making my kids read the Chernow biography before we will take them to see Hamilton. This has two benefits: 1) help them appreciate the show more; 2) ticket prices will come down by the time they get through it.ā€ And: "Given the craziness around Hamilton the musical, I decided to re-read Chernow's book on Alexander Hamilton. Hearing Manual Miranda's lyrics from Hamilton the musical practically every morning I drive my daughters to school, I was interested in the translation from book to musical. It is amazing how his lyrics tell the breadth and depth of Hamilton's story as well as the book. To some extent, Hamilton's life was both amazing and a soap opera, making a great story for a biography or a musical. My only complaint is with some of Chernow's writing. On numerous occasions he feels like he has to show off is SAT vocabulary when a more accessible word would do."