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About Aliceby Calvin Trillin. "Very sweet and tender memoir written about the author's wife." From Amazon:  In Calvin Trillin’s antic tales of family life, she was portrayed as the wife who  had “a weird predilection for limiting our family to three meals a day” and the mother  who thought that if you didn’t go to every performance of your child’s school play,  “the county would come and take the child.” Now, five years after her death, her  husband offers this loving portrait of Alice Trillin off the page–his loving portrait  of Alice Trillin off the page–an educator who was equally at home teaching at a university  or a drug treatment center, a gifted writer, a stunningly beautiful and thoroughly  engaged woman who, in the words of a friend, “managed to navigate the tricky waters  between living a life you could be proud of and still delighting in the many things  there are to take pleasure in.”