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Glttl Stp – By Doritt Carroll.  I know, I know ... poetry is not "fiction."  But I don't have a poetry section.  Yet.  I’m getting there, thanks in large part to the works of two brilliant friends Doritt and Kristina Bicher (whose collection Just Now Alive is also on the list).   Here is a sample poem from Doritt’s website that explains the title of her collection.

Glottal Stop

everything good

is in the things

that we don't say


if we were sculptures

in a gallery

it would be the elegant

space between them

carved by their marble arms


the moment after the scratch

when the match

flickers but doesn't yet

burst into flame


the tightening in the air

as the black hand

clicks to the minute


the minute

when the recess bell

is going to ring


if there were two birds

singing in two trees

it would be

the moment

when they both paused

not to take in air

but because it was

the right place

in both of their songs

to pause