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sorry you are not an instant winner by Doritt Carroll. Another midsummer addition to the 2017 Great Beach Books top picks list!  Doritt's poems are powerful, so candid and true.  In reviewing one of Doritt's earlier chapbooks, Grace Caveliari of the Washington Independent Review of Books said it best: Doritt "hones each thought diligently until it acts  precisely the way she chooses. These are carefully made poems from  templates that have antecedents in our craft, but that are particularly  targeted on a page that could belong to no one else."  I owe Doritt a debt of gratitude. She, along with Kristina Bicher, whose book Just Now Alive was on the list a few years ago, reignited my love of poetry.  Poems, I've realized, make great vacation reading, wonderful for digesting and enjoying when our minds have some room to run.